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State Department identified the nine key reforms in 2010

   28, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, considered and approved in principle "on the deepening economic reform in 2010 focused on the views of the work." The meeting identified key reform tasks in 2010. 

   One is encouraged to support and guide non-public economic development. Eliminate the factors of institutional barriers to private investment. Perfect for small business support policy. 
We must invest in state-owned capital to focus on national security and national economy of the important industries and key fields. 

     Second, deepening state-owned enterprises and reform of monopoly industries. 
Speed up the large state-owned enterprises, especially the central enterprises corporate parent level, the shareholding system reform, development pilot program, and three are integrated pilot, promoting electricity, railways, salt management system and the main postal sector reform. 

A deep-water, electricity, fuel oil, natural gas price reform of resource products, the progressive implementation of urban sewage, garbage and medical waste treatment fees system. 

    Fourth, deepen fiscal and tax reform. Speed up the formation covering all government revenues and expenditures, complete and unified system of public budgets. Transfer payment system, a sound system of financial management below the provincial level. 
Put resources tax reform program, improving the enterprise income tax and consumption tax system. 

    Fifth, the deepening financial system reform. Sound financial system and the financial regulatory system.Amendment promulgated the "General Rules on Loans" and accelerate the policy reform of financial institutions, asset management company started restructuring commercial pilot. Speed up the equity investment fund system. 
Improve the rural financial system. 

    Sixth, promote coordination of urban and rural reform. Deepen land management, household registration system reform, the land for building a unified market and human resources market. 
Reclamation will formulate further accelerate the reform and development advice to start the reform of state-owned forest farms. 

    7 is a deepening of income distribution and social security system reform. Speed regulation system of income distribution policies, improve the urban and rural pension insurance system. Comprehensively promote the medical and health system. 
Reform educational system, develop and implement national reform and development plan for medium and long term. 

8 is a deepening of the administrative system, speed up the transformation of government functions, focus on promoting the investment system reform, public institutions and administrative examination and approval system reform. 

Nine foreign-related economic structural reform to deepen, accelerate the transformation of foreign trade development mode, and promote coordinated and sustainable development of foreign trade. 

The meeting called for various localities and departments to reform in a more prominent position, to strengthen organization and leadership, and firmly implemented, the reforms to ensure a substantive breakthrough. 

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