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Hawking: Alien but there may be adverse to human exposure

Famous British physicist Stephen Hawking in a documentary broadcast on the 25th, said there is a great possibility aliens, but humans should not take the initiative to find them, make every effort to avoid contact with them. 
United States, Discovery Channel 25 began airing a documentary series, "Stephen Hawking to follow into the universe." Hawking describes in his film to the audience the existence of aliens and other cosmic mysteries of view. 
British "Sunday Times" 25 reports quoted the words of Stephen Hawking, the universe exists in more than one hundred billion galaxies, each galaxy contains at least a large number of planets. Based on the figures alone can almost predict the existence of extraterrestrial life. 
"The real challenge is to figure out aliens look like," Hawking said. In his view, the existence of extraterrestrial life is likely to microbial or biological form of the primary, but can not rule out the existence of biological human intelligence can be a threat. 
"I think some of them have the resources of the planet running out, may live in a huge spaceship," he said, "These advanced aliens could become nomads in an attempt to conquer all they can to reach the planet colonization. " 
Hawking believes that the earth's resources in view of aliens may be looted and then rode away, human beings seek contact with them "a bit too risky." 
"If aliens visit us, I think the results may be the year Christopher Columbus set foot in America similar. That is not what the local Indians, a good thing." 
Hawking was 68 years old 21 years old diagnosed with motor neuron disease, is almost completely paralyzed and machines rely on dialogue and language exchange with people synthesizer. He studies black holes and quantum cosmology, the scientific community renowned for, with a "Brief History of Time", "Universe in a Nutshell" and other popular science books.

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