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China plans to build a new strategic nuclear submarine deal with U.S. anti-missile system

According to the Russian "The Independent" reported on April 28, the famous Russian journalist Vladimir Skosyrev author pointed out that the global deployment of ABM systems in the United States, under pressure from China is consolidating its nuclear shield. U.S. satellite has detected that China is building two sets of launchers with 12 submarines. 
Skosyrev in the article pointed out that China is building nuclear submarines, refused to cut their nuclear arsenals. Beijing announced, compared with Russia and the United States, China's nuclear arsenal is not large, but only for defense. But in early May this year, New York, nuclear non-proliferation Conference, Western analysts began to criticize China to upgrade its nuclear forces secretly do not want to join Russia and the United States initiated the process of reducing nuclear arsenals. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute speculate that China will be among the major nuclear powers and non-nuclear countries, hold the middle ground. 
Western analysts believe that Russia and the United States signed by the President of the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms treaty to make a new issue on the agenda, that is why China still pay close attention to upgrading its nuclear forces. If the largest nuclear arsenals of major powers in the reduction of nuclear weapons, why China and other members of the nuclear club, unwilling to take the same path? Nuclear non-proliferation in the upcoming meeting, China may not only refused to stop developing its nuclear weapons related to the appeal, but will support the requirements of non-nuclear countries, led Russia and the United States to further reduce their nuclear warheads. 
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Gill has pointed out in his report, or a medium-term prospects in the near future, China will most likely not to join the unilateral or multilateral nuclear disarmament measures. In his view, Beijing will continue to update their nuclear arsenals, while retaining their membership in the nuclear club, while supporting the aspirations of developing countries. 
Russia and the United States to reduce strategic offensive weapons, the new treaty, both sides should start their own limit on the number of nuclear warheads to 1,550 the following. According to the International Peace Research Institute data, China has expanded the number of strategic warheads to 186. China announced will never use nuclear weapons first, but due to the positive development of U.S. anti-missile technology, Beijing worried that its "retaliation" will no longer be valid. 
According to information obtained by Reuters, in response, Beijing plans to replace the liquid with a solid fuel missile missile fuel, construction of new nuclear submarines equipped with ballistic missiles. Occasionally, other members of the nuclear club properly disclose their nuclear arsenals, the latest information the practice, China's ballistic missile nuclear submarine project a high degree of confidentiality, the "new nuclear submarine," all the reports from Western intelligence agencies are the news. The Pentagon officials said Beijing might move to the international community's assessment of its strategic plan to create an atmosphere of unpredictability. 
At the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released its own report before the advance of China responded. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman told the media that China has always adhere to the policy of no first use of nuclear weapons, China supports the complete prohibition and destruction of nuclear weapons will never evade the responsibility for nuclear disarmament. Gu Guoliang of China Academy of Social Sciences arms control experts said the report distorted Bates Gill, China's policy of strategic containment of China would like to have the means to prevent a nuclear superpower to use their strengths to interfere China's internal affairs. Clearly, nuclear non-proliferation meeting in New York before the Western and Chinese experts on disarmament between the wars have been raging saliva. 
Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Director of Disarmament and Conflict Mediation Alexander Pikayefu pointed out that China's nuclear power status on the data are based on based on speculation. He said: "If China is not more than 200 nuclear warheads, then its strength is not even as Israel. But 500 nuclear bombs, it is probably more realistic. In any case, now China is building nuclear maritime component of the Trinity. The United States satellites have found two sets of launchers with 12 submarines under construction, not rule out the assembly of its first ballistic missile carrying sub-possibilities, which would mean that China's strength suddenly increased by hundreds of nuclear warheads. worried about the future. "

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