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For China, Beijing auto show into two Aspect leading Asian automotive industry

As an international A-class auto show as a barometer of global automotive industry of Beijing International Auto Show, fully reflects the new changes in China's auto industry. Whether overseas auto giants China attaches great importance to the degree of the improvement, or China's own brand camp to expand R & D capabilities, both the release of the Chinese auto industry has been developing in depth the rise of the signal. Said a number of overseas automotive industry, with China increasing its own brand of traditional distribution vehicles and new energy vehicles, China is Asia's emerging power, is expected to catch up with Japan and South Korean auto industry. 
    As can be seen from the Beijing Auto Show, China's auto market is showing two trends. The first trend is the increased strength of independent brands. In terms of display area, the number of starting cars, and new technology demonstration, the independent brand car giant enterprises have grabbed the limelight from overseas. First, show that nearly 90 world debut vehicles, domestic car starter car 75 global enterprises (many of whom are independent brand cars), multinational world debut vehicle 14. China's own brands more than a record exhibitor line-up, and to attract overseas distributors stopped. Great Wall Motor to 200 square meters of the history of the strongest team debut, the participation of 18 vehicle models, including 9 for the new model. 87 countries of 240 car overseas distributors to visit the Great Wall and signed subscription agreement. Second, the state-owned enterprises to speed up the pace of its own brand. Guangzhou Automobile Group's first own-brand passenger car production standards, "Chi Chuan" first public appearance; Beijing Auto Group for the first time out 13 new models of its own brand lineup, including high-end cars is Beiqi C71 Sa in Sweden Bo technically crafted. Beijing Auto Group also disclosed that its own brand-fat high-level power projects within the next five years, 9 large platform launched 21 new models to the whole family into the passenger car market. Third, Chinese enterprises are not satisfied with low value-added vehicle products, begin production luxury car. Xiamen Jinlong Li Bin luxury business car company to carry two car exhibition, car assembly business reception, mobile office, tourist vehicles, golf car in one of them 12 meters in length and car price 4.28 million yuan, the price of 10 meters 2.68 million yuan. 
    Second, overseas auto giants pay more attention to the Chinese market, and penetration from third tier cities. First, China into the global giants in the concentration of starting overseas. To seize the economy car market, Hyundai Motor announced that it would greatly expand operations in China, and the core of the global strategy of small cars on the Beijing auto show model VERNA starting, planning the second half. Luxury car giants and more Chinese consumers favor. Top luxury car company Ferrari 599 GTO in Beijing for a world debut, 458 Italia starting in Beijing for the Asia-Pacific region, and decided in July 2010 began the first batch of Chinese consumers Orthogonal. Maserati brand exhibitors are breaking records in Asia, its three series of models in full debut, four-seat convertible sports car GranCabrio conducted in Beijing, starting in Asia. Second, once a joint venture in China and had to leave the market giants are intended to stage a comeback. Chrysler's Jeep will be made in Changsha. Chrysler LLC Chrysler, vice president and chief executive Kean Zhe Asia-Pacific business, said "We will return to the mainstream automotive market in China, R & D and production of vehicles in China; while imported cars account for individual segments the market. "Thirdly, enterprises increase the car at home and abroad to expand efforts in central Changsha. It is reported that in December will be held in Changsha, the Sixth International Auto Show, will be packed with more than 100 brands 100 thousand square meters exhibition hall, with Maybach, Ferrari and other luxury brands have confirmed participation. A number of senior domestic and foreign car companies said that with the urbanization, two, three lines of urban spending power into the blow, so the central city will be contested. (Xinhua Wu Qiong)

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