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Auto Expo show new energy opportunities of large-scale applications can be

2010 Shanghai World Expo will become the new energy vehicles, "but is expected to be and." As the first large-scale introduction of new energy vehicles in the international event, the Shanghai World Expo will be open for the development of new energy vehicles vast space. 
Shanghai World Expo Park, Wu Zhiqiang, chief planner, said, "Shanghai World Expo is an Expo in the history of the introduction of new energy vehicles up to a meeting will be presented to the global city vision of a low-carbon future."

Shanghai World Expo as a global automotive sponsorship partners, SAIC and General Motors provided a nearly new energy vehicles, auto service in Shanghai World Expo. SAIC official said, "This is a three-dimensional event of new energy vehicles. In the garden park, visitors can appreciate the full range of practical applications of all kinds of new energy vehicles, a pure electric car and the bus tour, there fuel cell vehicles and fuel cell cars venues have super large bus capacitance. Among them, 350 LaCrosse Shanghai GM produced hybrid car, will drive in the streets of Shanghai. " 
Space industrialization of new energy vehicles will not stop here. In SAIC - General Motors Pavilion, when you see the world's new energy vehicles in 2030, more in-depth experience to a new energy vehicles for the role of energy-saving environmental protection, but also bring new energy vehicles feel more convenient. SAIC independent research and development, such as solar and wind power as the main driving force of the leaf concept car, GM concept car developed electrical network EN-V. GM and general manager of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, Liu Qi image description: "By 2030, new energy vehicles will achieve electrification, automation, network." 
When asked about the new energy vehicles in 2030 when the concept can be realized, Liu said, "but these ideas can be expected, and. Because of the technical difficulties of new energy vehicles have been overcome, automakers have been producing these intelligent vehicles . The only missing is the supporting infrastructure, if the energy planning, urban and road planning, information industry, planning, policy formulation go hand in hand, then the electric car by 2030 electrification, automation, networking will be achieved. But given the current Progress of view, need 15-20 years to complete the relevant supporting. " 
The industry believes that Shanghai will accelerate the new energy vehicles in China and even the world's development process. Expo for New Energy Auto "training", while SAIC has developed a production plan, such as the end of the year in the mixed Roewe 750 hybrid cars on the market, integrated fuel economy about 20%; in 2012, fuel-efficient 50 Roewe 550% of the plug-in hybrid cars will be strong market; the same year, SAIC's Roewe have electric cars to market, the real zero emissions. 
See large-scale new energy vehicles industrial prospects, parts giants have begun to seize the market. Bosch Group Managing Director, Asia-Pacific business for centenarians World Ke said, "electric cars the future direction of the vehicle; in 2030, electric cars will account for more than half of the market. This company has built electric cars in China R & D center vehicle directly to China to discuss customized products, Bosch is also the first outside of Germany R & D center. "Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said Peter Pang, president, Bosch Group automotive technology has been in the field of new energy a great deal of, forward-looking investment in the future China will accelerate the pace of localization, such as hybrid vehicles in China, electric vehicles, electrical and power electronic controllers and power batteries. It is understood that the Bosch Group's hybrid technology in 2010 and mass production, development of electric cars as the Bosch Group in China's major tasks. 


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