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China's FAW to do real self-released brand new brand strategy

FAW China Beijing International Auto Show at the eleventh held on a "brand strategy conference," Xu Jian, general manager of China FAW Group, a subsidiary of a rate, technology center, the relevant functional departments, attended the conference. Xu Jian, general manager of the FAW a brand strategy and future development plans of hundreds of reporters to the scene did elaborate. To do real self, with "quality, technology and innovation" as the brand's new brand strategy content will open a new page in China's FAW. 
The new brand strategy outlines a blueprint for self-development 
Way to speed up the development of the automotive industry changes, and Make the Chinese auto industry is related to overall national economic development, concerns the fate of China's automobile industry. China's auto industry after 50 years of development, intensification and gradually increase the pace gradually accelerating large-scale, core competitiveness gradually increased, the great achievement made remarkable. 
The conduct of the independent enterprise, innovation is the soul of progress. China FAW was born in independent, growth in autonomy, self-gene hereditary, self-experience empathy. China FAW building stands is not the first plant and chimney, but the responsibility of the eldest son of the new China car, fighting spirit and sense of self-resistance. The cause of independence is the core cause of FAW, China's FAW must think, must think, must be dry, will fight, will fight, and win business. 
Independent thinking in the development of China's FAW "one center and three support points" guidelines, user-centered, promote a product as the carrier of the productive forces, promote the management of relations of production change as a carrier, to promote a culture vector of emancipation. Adhere to the "self-development, openness and cooperation" guidelines, strengthening and expanding its independence, openness and cooperation invigorating. The "three unified" development ideas, "the human resources to seek unity of thinking of dry self; sort out our thinking, the goal of reunification of dry self; science configuration, the Uniform Resource dried autonomy." Adhere to the "survival, and practical, stronger, bigger," "four-step" development strategy, the sound operation, to do real business. 
In the self-development goals, China FAW light of its own the historical status of corporate responsibility assumed, the pursuit of the goal and the status of enterprise management, defined "within three years, so obviously improved self-front operating face so self-evident improvement in the competitiveness of products "and" three-year improvement in both "short-term goal; determined to achieve in order to strengthen and expand the cause of China's FAW own marked" start the fourth, "the medium-term goals; established the" persist user First, the value of respect for employees, protect the interests of shareholders, promote social harmony and strive to build international competitiveness of the 'self-FAW, FAW strength, harmony FAW' "long-term goals. 
Xu Jian, general manager of the conference that a Chinese system of FAW's own ability to upgrade is based. Over the years, the historical heritage of China FAW repairer experience, ranks as the cornerstone to system construction as the support, to product innovation as the carrier, integrated in the world of advanced technology, and adhere to science and sustainable development road of independent innovation, science and technology through overall progress, to create a competitive advantage and a comprehensive integrated system of support for independent innovation. 
Ability to give priority in the system of enterprise development, China FAW establish its own brand strategy is the highest in China FAW strategy, and on this basis, combing its own brand architecture: "China FAW" as China FAW Group Corporation brand, under the jurisdiction of "FAW" and "Red Flag" two umbrella brands. "FAW" umbrella brand covering FAW Hongqi brand outside the autonomous passenger cars and commercial vehicles. One self-brand passenger car product line include "FAW Pentium", "FAW-Wei Chi", "FAW Xiali", "FAW-Senya," and so on; commercial product line brands include "FAW" and "one Steam Jiabao "and so on. "Red Flag" umbrella brand positioning in the high-end passenger cars and utility vehicles, including luxury cars based on L, H high-end cars are two platform products. 
Quality, technology, innovation and brand meaning interpretation 
Xu Jian, general manager of brand strategy for a conference, also elaborated on China's FAW "quality, technology and innovation" brand connotation. On "quality, technology and innovation" in practice, China FAW back consumers and contribute to the national society, to achieve the fundamental mission to protect the brand. Bearing responsibility for quality, technological competitiveness and innovation lead to the future, these three concepts, fully explained China FAW brand connotation. 
The quality of bearing responsibility. Products of high virtues. China FAW pursuit of love letters in managing the company intellectual virtue, abide by the "fight first, the innovation business, assume responsibility for" core values, not only to assume the political responsibility of the state-owned enterprises, economic, and social responsibility, but should integrate the core values Among the product quality, people-oriented, according to law, good faith with the enterprises. In safety, reliability, control expression to liability; in environmental protection, economy, comfort on the lead needs; in the moving service, premium service, assured service promises. 
Technology to create advantages. Technical advantage is based on the foundation of the brand. China FAW in product technology, will address product reliability, environmental protection and economic focus; in the development of technology, will address the development process management and support of digital technologies and standards focus on verification technology; in basic technology, will address safety, energy saving, environmental protection, electronics and materials technologies related to the focus; in manufacturing technology, will solve the CAX integration of manufacturing technology and special technology focus. Grasp the cutting-edge technology to master the core technology to build self-control of the vehicle standards, using a competitive system of independent innovation, to create sophisticated automotive products, allowing users to fully enjoy the driving fun new technologies. 
Innovation leading future trends. Innovation is the soul of national progress, the country Prosperity. China FAW pursuit of innovation is under the guidance of scientific concept of development in the progressive and emancipating the mind of innovation, technological innovation should be to the strength of the management innovation to energy, to the culture of innovation and innovative practice to power. Relying on heavy accumulation, strengthen independent innovation, continue to master new knowledge and application of new technologies, introduction of new products, continued to provide users with word of mouth of satisfied products to create value for the user to enjoy life is the pursuit of innovation where China FAW . 
Quality relies on technology, technology from innovation, innovation leading future trends. Construction of China's best, world-renowned Chinese FAW brand, FAW FAW would be passed on "learning, innovation, struggle, self-reliance" spirit of enterprise, practice the "fight first, the innovation business, assume responsibility for" core values, with optimal R & D team, the best product technology, the optimal production process, to create the best repairer environment, production of automotive products the best to provide the best marketing services. 
Systems, products, core technology forces and build brand 
Brand building for the future, Xu Jian, general manager of a further pointed out that China FAW will further consolidate the system, products, ability to upgrade the core technology to build China's best, world-renowned Chinese FAW brand, FAW brand to achieve sustainable health development. 
Support in the system, China FAW will be R & D, product, manufacturing, marketing, management focus on five major systems, to build a strong brand in China FAW support system. China FAW will increase the value to a common platform, innovative talent to create for the pursuit of popular business capacity; enhance market-oriented, commodity-focused product planning planning capacity; upgrade to user needs as the guide to system security as support R & D and manufacturing capacity; improve user satisfaction as the standard to the whole process of quality control to rely on the marketing services and quality assurance capabilities; upgrade to quickly meet the market as a means to system operates with high efficiency as the goal of corporate management and control, " want good, be good, dry good, "production" easy to use, good build, good repair "of automotive products, with the ability to support China's FAW-brand systems become bigger and stronger. 
Product support, China will comprehensively enhance the autonomy of FAW Car, medium and heavy trucks, light trucks, mini trucks and buses market competitiveness. "Twelve Five", China's FAW to the "Eleventh Five" investment 12.91 billion yuan, based on further R & D costs of 19,000,000,000 yuan. By 2015, China FAW vehicle sales will more than four million, of which more than 50% independent. By 2012, the autonomous car, China FAW luxury car in the L, H high-end cars, M senior car, S 4, a small car and a large platform to launch new models in 26 Bureau of reform, of which 11 models of new products, products containing 4 red flags; in medium and heavy trucks, the launch platform for the liberation of J6-focused trucks, dump trucks and tractor series products; in light vehicles, the launch of L501 and L330 for the two focused light truck platform, and light-off series; in micro car, the introduction of the micro-off V80-oriented products; in passenger side, the launch of a large passenger bus and a new focus on energy products. 
Technical support in the core, China FAW will give full play to the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of more than 1,000 scientific research achievements gained, 1028 patented technology advantages, continue to adhere to original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of absorption and innovation combined with " Energy-saving environmental protection, safe and comfortable, durable and reliable, intelligent transportation, process materials "such as the core technology, in commercial areas of focus to create" fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly diesel engine electronic control, reliable durability, automatic transmission, AMT, materials technology, "the five major technology platform; in independent passenger cars, the focus to create "energy saving, dual-clutch automatic transmission DCT, chassis development, security and automotive electronics" and five technology platforms for autonomous product replacement and lay a solid foundation for sustainable development. 
Particularly in support of new energy technologies, China FAW will develop energy-saving green cars, the development of new energy vehicles as an important strategic task. Has invested 300 million yuan in R & D expenses, the effective accumulation of electric car development experience based on the full use of the FAW hybrid electric car to break the international technical barriers, access to 65 patents, 38 patents were authorized by the United States Patent Office, R & D accumulation speed up the pace of development of new energy vehicles. October 2010, FAW plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles will be low-volume market. 2012, in accordance with the commercial model to establish the electric car production, marketing and after-sales service system, so that new energy vehicles FAW international competitiveness. 
The complexity of the automotive industry and particularity of the Key to Success is system capacity. In recent years, China's FAW to competency-based system to form a complete system of competitive advantage and support the independent innovation capability, in the system, product, a breakthrough multi-core technology. China FAW passenger car is the only one to master class from the A0 to the E-class full range of commercial vehicles full range of products and platform independent research and development capabilities of the auto companies, which have the ability to market products need to self-developed cars; in automotive electronic control technology , China FAW has broken the monopoly of foreign technology. In this show, China FAW establish a technical assembly separate display area, the total exhibition area of the overall exhibition area of one-third of China's FAW, FAW independent research focused show, cordial to energy saving, environmental protection and efficient and reliability of the 13 engine and assembly. Including passenger platforms 7 series, 6 series commercial platform, fully embodies the Chinese FAW developed the level and ability. 
Looking to the future, build people, vehicles, social harmony 
Car as the engine of social progress, technological development is not only an important carrier of the times, it is a relaxation of the harbor, the Inn a happy life staying with a partner. Today, China is the fastest car into the community, how to promote people, vehicles, social harmony and development is the development of China's FAW is China's auto industry a common issue. In the future, Xu Jian a brand strategy conference that: "corporate responsibility to take up car, build a car boutique, for the realization of people, vehicles, social harmony and development efforts, is a solemn commitment China FAW. China FAW magnificent 50 years development practices, creating the "fight first, the innovation business, for responsibility," the eldest son of character; cultivate a sound operation, practical and moral integrity of the enterprise; the formation of autonomous execution of this technology system winning edge. promote Chinese FAW brand, is the great historical mission, is the call of the times, both the auto industry development and growth but also for China FAW strong and big selection. " 
In 2009, China's first 10 million cars off the assembly line in China, FAW, opened the first Chinese car brilliant screen. This time, China's FAW published in the Beijing auto show brand new strategy that the development of China's FAW-confidence and self-determination, even by the FAW in China as the representative force issued its own brand heavy blow. I believe in the near future, we will see the brilliant future of China's auto industry and Make.

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