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"In essence" Once and decisive shot fine blanking machine market reform in the province first country's second

Technical staff in the fine cut products

"Too many orders, we work every day in the shop more than 12 hours." Yesterday, in Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Jing Chen workshop technical workers, he says. As the second in 2008 became the transformation of "fine blanking machine", the province's first production of fine blanking parts business, Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Refined products to the world's leading level of recognition by the majority of customers, customer satisfaction, 100 %. Dai Kim, general manager of the United States said that the essence of these years of development and chairman of the board and gold deposit has been adhering to the innovative ideas are inseparable. 
In 1985, wearing gold and gold deposit and the United States are active in the area Tangxia salesman, specifically for Auto Tangxia some companies with products to sell. In 1992, Hafei Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. with a business relationship, the need for a company that Hafei parts exclusively for its processing, and gold deposit to seize this opportunity to set up Ruianhaian General Corporation (the fine predecessor) . That year, the company sales of 500,000 yuan. In 1998, due to high technology, excellent quality, the essence of the product was recognized by many companies, one after another vehicle with China FAW Group, Changan Group, and many famous auto industry companies to gradually open the sales market. Companies rely on technological research and development, scientific management and effective quality guarantee system, the average output value and sales growth of over 30%, in 2008 output reached 164 million. 
Fine blanking stamping process in today's cutting-edge forming. Fine blanking technology first used in instruments and meters industry of thin flat parts and punch blanking process, now widely used in automotive industry required plate, cold rolled coil processing of forming the multi-functional complex parts. 
Early in 2008, wearing a gold deposit found no production of fine blanking parts, Zhejiang Province, the enterprise product, so to employ the Chinese Association of Fine Blanking to businesses of any member of an old technology consultant. Under his guidance, in essence self-transformation of a "fine blanking machine", produced after transformation of the fine blanking parts can be compared in accuracy and density of the world's leading manufacturer  fine blanking company's products, Price is only one-tenth of it. In essence because of the successful R & D "fine blanking machine" became the nine pieces of fine blanking production capacity, one of the added value of products is relatively common stamping the original 30% increase in. 
Car to the countryside in China this year introduced subsidies, Hafei, Chang and other companies quickly improve sales of small cars, the sales of precision stamping products also will expand. According to the U.S. and gold, this year in the refined R & D accounted for 5% of sales, 1 to 9 month output has reached 163 million yuan, with last year's 110 million yuan, an increase of 48.18%. 
"Spain, DaimlerChrysler, France, Faiveley Group, the United States, Kennametal Inc., LLC, Russia and other world famous enterprises to establish long-term relationship with us." Dakin America proudly says, "Our goal is to car how much the industry, the fine blanking products industry also how much.


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