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Party Secretary Jiang Zhen-ming to visit our company and hopes in the spirit of greater achievements inspire confidence

Yesterday, after the Spring Festival, the first three days, Party Secretary Jiang Zhen Ming, Chang Jiang Mengfu Party, Fang Hui, vice mayor of our city leaders came to view the production and business operation, sympathy workers and made a wish, hope Precision Group Year of the Ox to further strengthen their confidence, spirit, overcome difficulties and make greater achievements. Chairman and gold deposit, Dai Kim, general manager of the United States, accompanied by reception. 

Faced with increasingly severe economic situation, enterprises can easily deal with, is very concerned about the secretary of Chiang Chun Ming, and he heard my New Year's production company to achieve growth targets, the temple will start the first month, and are being ramped up production, and said: "Enterprise is good, Ryan is good, business Xing, Ruian Xing, hope 'in essence' in the new year to a new level, for the Ryan development of new and greater contribution." 
Zhen Ming Jiang secretary also visited the company's production press shop, mold shop and other research and development, and personal condolences to our employees, the new Ryan's work and life and gave us a warm and caring. 

Finally, Jiang Ming, secretary Janet said, this is a more difficult year for economic development, but also contains great opportunity for students in transition to adjust the year, hope fine companies, "unswervingly adhere to scientific development, transformation and upgrading of our bad habits, hard skills are not impulsive, turn challenges into opportunities, turn pressure into motivation for the stable and rapid development of sustainable solid foundation.

Something long and gold deposit, Dai Kim, general manager of the United States, accompanied by party secretary Jiang Zhen Ming city leaders in a conference room to sit on

Gold deposit, chairman Dai Zhen Ming Jiang, accompanied by party secretary, Municipal Committee Jiang Mengfu Visit Our mold shop

Kim kept things Dai Zhen-Ming Chiang, accompanied by party secretary, member of standing committee to visit the company Jiangmeng Fu


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