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Congratulations to concentrate Group selected 28 Industrial enterprises

The list of the top fifty industrial enterprises of the city in 2009, released in Precision Group leapt 28. According to the relevant person in charge Shijingmaoju Enterprise Development Division in Precision Group fastest growing companies moved up to - precision industrial sales output value year-on-year growth of 44.58%, leapt from 48 to 28.
Shijingmaoju learned that the industries top fifty contest carried out in accordance with the principle of "On the contribution than size, race growth", three major assessment of the current year completed sales value, taxes and related growth. Companies need to participate in competitions for the annual industrial sales output value of more than 100 million yuan, an independent corporate enterprises, in line with the "RUIAN give priority to the development of key industries, key guiding catalog, no illegal business, no safe production occurs fatalities and major pollution incidents, corporate pension insurance coverage to meet the requirements, the completion of the annual energy saving target task. In this series of hard targets in fine firmly accounted for one seat.
In fine progress of the chairman of the correctness of the policy guidance, it is all in the fine staff effort. All fine people unite, order in fine brilliant tomorrow.

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