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Chairman and President Hu Jintao and gold deposit with business visits to Europe

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Early July with President Hu Jintao's visit to the Ministry of Commerce, Investment Promotion Mission to Europe, there are 22 Wenzhou entrepreneurs, seven from Ryan, and chairman and gold deposit is 7 Mingrui An entrepreneurs. To-day in 10 years, has followed Italy, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Germany 5 countries.The original chairman of the board is how to enter this high-level delegation from? As reform and opening up a market economy has been active in the forefront of the wave of the prize of the boss, how he cherished the purpose and expectations

"This is the history of our city business leaders to follow the largest number ever foreign trip, fully reflects the context of the financial crisis, the state's emphasis on SME development." Municipal Industry and Commerce Chairman introduced David Chiu. "The main purpose of this seminar is to develop high-end market in Europe." Says chairman and gold deposits, he started in 1985 to start a business, like the close contact with national leaders is not so much. Economic and trade delegation accompanying organizational leaders to visit, should be said that an international convention, but before the person accompanying the trade the veterans are mostly state-owned enterprises, small and medium enterprises to participate in this high-level trade group, is only in recent years things.

It is reported that the cooperation of the other intention of this activity concentrated in the high-tech, automobile, engineering machinery, pulp, new energy, light industry and other fields, while the growth of SMEs in the intensive group, the auto parts products to go in front, In particular, auto stamping parts, has been supporting the brand of cars in Europe and the United States, such as: General Motors, Volkswagen, etc., are, therefore, Ruian City, chairman of the board as many small and medium entrepreneurs invited to participate in the event. Chairman of the European high-end market for the development of confidence, and this visit made him a better understanding of the culture in some countries in Europe, all the way to walk, the way emotion. From July 4 to 14, 10-day tour, after five countries, five cities, the delegation with the local business elite mainstream nearly 1,000 people across a wide range of contacts, this is the next company to enter the international automobile market has done preparation, and also for the group to find a broader space for the survival and development, international integration, to enhance competitiveness.

In this high-profile visit activities, the chairman said he has four major benefits: First, direct experience of the national leaders on the importance of SMEs and care; second image shows the entrepreneur Ryan; Third, make friends, with the mainstream business sector and overseas Chinese abroad to connect head; d is the distance, and self-improvement.
Difficulties, which have trapped in hard, way, out of the only way to go. Among them, the people go very important, its importance is to learn knowledge, witnessed the international market storm. This study is very important, introduced to can learn and go out then learn even more direct and thorough. Participating in such high profile visit to Mission, its symbolic significance is huge. At the same time, this is an excellent links the channel to realize Chinese and foreign enterprises engaged in dialogue. This time, China sent delegations to Europe to promote investment, trade and economic cooperation is holding high the banner, to the world that China take concrete actions to oppose the trade and investment protectionism and to countries to overcome difficulties with the clear position. While in the intensive group, but to go out, with international standards, to create a Chinese brand international.